JSW Galvos

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What is Galvalume®?

  • Alloy coated product nominally containing 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon by weight, applied by hot dipping process
  • Best properties of both Aluminum & Zinc combined
    Galvalume® is a highly corrosion resistant coated steel which combines the barrier protection, heat reflectivity & extended durability characteristic of aluminum coatings with the galvanic protection of cut edges & formability characteristic of zinc coatings
  • Product has a shiny, attractive appearance and can be used without painting

Why JSW Galvalume®?

  • First Licensee Galvalume® producer in India (out of the two) that uses technology from BIEC International Inc, USA
  • 20 year Warranty * on products for solar application
  • Conforms to AS, ASTM A, EN, IS, JIS standards
  • Subject to environmental conditions and approval from the JSW Steel technical team

Importance of Mounting Structures

  • Mounting structures are the base of a solar system - a good base maximizes the installation’s efficiency, lifetime & return on investment.
  • Mounting structures help in
    • Supporting solar modules
    • Inclining them for maximum energy generation
    • Protecting them from potential weather hazards like high wind velocity, rain, minor earthquakes etc.

The Story Behind JSW Galvos

  • JSW Galvos has been derived from Galvalume® & Sun. This fusion gives it a modern feel & a premium aura. JSW Galvos is JSW's brand new offering of premium Galvalume® coils & sheets for the solar sector.
  • Our multi-faceted effervescent mascot exudes an ever evolving, progressive outlook that encourages innovative thinking. The luminous colour palette gives the sense of energy while the rounded shapes imply our commitment to customize our offering to suit your specific needs. The futuristic design is reminiscent of the long life we're warranting, making JSW Galvos the perfect fit.
  • Traditionally, mounting structures for solar panels have been fabricated using Galvanized steel of higher GSM Zinc coating. We’d like to introduce a revolutionary product Galvalume® which better suits your mounting requirements.
  • You’d be surprised to know that both 275 GSM Galvanized & 150 GSM Galvalume® steel have approximately the SAME total coating thickness of 40 μm. Thus, Galvalume® not only helps you lower steel usage per megawatt of solar installation but also lowers your capital expenses. Besides, Galvalume® lasts longer, is a Greener product and gratifies the environment-friendly customer in you. Galvalume® was patented by BIEC International Inc., USA in 1966 and its brilliant properties have stood the test of time over the past 5 decades.