Right Way

  • The groove portion should be on the inner side.
  • The air gap on the left ensures that water does not travel upwards

Wrong way

  • The groove portion should not be on the outer side.
  • Improper contact makes the roof vulnerable to water leakages.

Proper fastener installation procedures to be followed

  • Do not leave metal fillings, debris on the sheets or it can form red rust causing discoloration on the surface of the panel.
  • Do not install the roof sheets during rains as sheets get wet and slippery and can cause damage to the sheets.
  • Accelerated corrosion can occur due to lime contained in the cement.
  • Do not allow direct contact with cement or cement foundation.

Storage and Handling : Store Colour Coated sheets in dry and well ventilated conditions. Water (including condensation) trapped between the sheets may damage the coating beyond repair.


  • Always keep the material in a dry, shaded and good ventilated area.
  • If not required for immediate use, provide cover to protect the material.
  • If the sheets become wet during storage, separate them without delay. Clean the moisture on the surface with a clean cloth. Stack the sheets with gaps between them for air circulation.
  • Always keep the material slightly above the ground by using wooden or rubber plank.


  • Do not keep the material on wet floor (water, rain, etc.).
  • Metal-on-metal contact and sliding sheet on rough surface should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Do not let the sheets come in contact with salt, water, corrosive chemicals, ash, fumes, foundries, plating works, kilns, fertilizers and wet or green lumber.