Storage and Handling

If colour coated sheets are to be stored for any time prior to forming or installation, they must be stored in dry, well ventilated conditions. Storage which allows water (including condensation) to be trapped between the sheets may damage the coating beyond repair

Some Do’s and Don’ts that needs to be followed as below:


  • Always keep material in a dry, shaded and good ventilated area

  • If not required for immediate use, provide cover to protect the material

  • If Sheets become wet during storage, it should be separated without delay & surface moisture removed with clean cloth. The steel sheets then be stacked so that air circulation completes the drying process

  • Material to be kept slightly above the ground by using wooden rubber plank


  • Do not keep the material on wet floor (water, rain. etc.)

  • Moisture or water penetration between the sheets through the wooden pallets which causes damage hence to be avoided

  • Prevent water seepage inside the packed coils and packets

  • Metal-on-metal contact should be avoided whenever possible

  • Under no circumstances should the material be stored near or come in contact with salt water, corrosive chemicals, ash, or fumes generated or released inside the building or nearby plants, foundries, plating works, kilns, fertilizer, and wet or green lumber

  • Do not slide sheet on rough surface or over each other

  • Contact with water and mud should be strictly prohibited

Avoiding White Rust to avoid corrosion

The most common causes of White rust to be considered to avoid corrosion are

  • Ingress of water in a stack of colour coated sheets to be avoided

  • Condensation within a coil or sheets due to rapid changes in temperature

  • Prolonged/adverse storage or inadequate protection during transportation allowing considerable water ingress between stacked coils or sheets results into red rust