Correct placement for nail fixing



Placement of Groove Portion

  • Right way

    The groove portion should be on the inner side. The air gap on the left ensures that water does not travel upwards

  • Wrong way

    The groove portion should not be on the outer side. Improper contact makes the roof vulnerable to water leakages

Installation Instructions

  • Structures like tubes, truss, angles and channels (except Al-Zn coated supporting structures) should be painted before fixing the sheets

  • Generally, keep your weight evenly distributed over the soles of both feet to avoid concentrating your weight on either heels or toes

  • Don't walk on single rib, sheet and end laps gutter and skylight sheets

  • The rubber washer, component of self drilling screws must be from materials compatible with the roofing, walling and accessory material

  • Iron fines from drilling, saw cut chips & fasteners lying can cause rust stains

  • Leaving debris on the sheets may lead to defects. Sweep, Swart from roof after finishing Installation

  • Don't throw bird feed on the sheet. Bird dropping can damage the color & aesthetics of the sheet

Proper fastener installation procedures to be followed

  • Do not Allow contact with cement

    Direct contact with cement foundation, is not recommended for colour coated sheets. Accelerated corrosion can occur due to the lime contained in the cement

  • Do not leave metal filings on the sheets

    Metal debris from sawing, drilling and other construction processes should be removed during installation. Otherwise, the metal filings will red rust on the surfaces where they were deposited. Red rust of the metal filings may cause stain or discoloration on the surface of the panel

  • Don't install the roof sheets during rains as sheets gets wet and slippery and can cause damage to the sheets

  • It is important that shoes do not have small stones, steel drillings, etc embedded into the soles

  • Do not allow dirt accumulation on the sheets