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The CAL Advantage

The CAL Advantages

JSW Steel has commissioned the first Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) for Tinplate in India. The Tinplate produced by CAL has very high uniformity in terms of gauge and temper.

Uniformity and precision are the most crucial differentiators for manufacturers with high speed can lines. High uniformity allows manufacturers to increase their yield per tonne of Tinplate due to fewer rejections. Continuous annealed tinplate is thus, key to enabling higher productivity for manufacturers.

The advantages of continuous annealed tinplate can have a direct bearing on the business in terms of:

  • Scale
  • Efficiency
  • Profitability

Can manufacturers had to rely on imports for their requirement for supply of high quality tinplate. With JSW CAL produced Tinplate, can manufacturers are able to get domestically produced high quality Tinplate right at their doorstep.