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Applications of JSW Platina - Gauge wise

Double Reduced (DR)

Thickness (mm) End-Use
0.14-0.18 Lug Caps, Processed Tobacco/Mouth Freshener, Processed Food Cans, Baby Food, Coffee Cans, Dairy Cans, Paint Cans
0.21-0.23 15Ltr Edible Oil Can Body / Ends

Single Reduced (SR)

Thickness (mm) End uses & Top/Bottom of Cans
0.19 Lids and Ends for Baby Food Cans (Welded / Non Welded), Body for other Food Cans
0.20 – 0.30 OTSC (Baked Beans, Mango Pulp, Mushroom, Baby Corn, Green Peas, Tomato Puree etc.)
0.17 – 0.38 Battery / Aerosol Cans
0.22 2Kg Edible Oil / Ghee Containers and End Components, Cheese / Butter Cans, Lugcaps
0.24 – 0.25 Crown Corks, 5Kg Edible Oil Containers and Components
0.28 15Kg Edible Oil Containers (Body, Top & Bottom), Cashew Cans, Biscuit Cans, etc.